American International Church

The American International Church London is based in a 1950s rebuild of a church destroyed in the Blitz.

A barrel shaped ceiling running the entire length creates a difficult acoustic with unwanted reflections depending on the location of the speaker and listener. After investigating the cost of acoustic treatments the Church contacted APi Sound & Visual to see if there was a less costly hardware based solution.

Our advice was to use directional line array loudspeakers to focus the sound on the congregation keeping it away from the ceiling. These units have a wide horizontal dispersion but a narrow vertical, so that a band of sound is created at head height avoiding surfaces that will create reflected sound and cause a loss of clarity. The long throw properties of these speakers meant that the entire church could be covered with just two units.  This, coupled with the slender design led to a very discrete installation.

Even our engineers were impressed by just how good the system sounded, and with a hidden subwoofer it has enough headroom to handle live music as well as speech with ease.

The cost of this solution is estimated to be less than half of the cost of just the acoustic treatment which is now no longer necessary.

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