APi ‘Attend’ CRE at Home

Sadly due to ongoing COVID restrictions, the Christian Resources Exhibition CRE South West  could not physically take place this spring.  However, as seminars are always a key ingredient at a Christian Resources Exhibition, these are now available online, including 2 from APi’s Managing Director Andy Pidsley.

In part one What You Need and What You Need to Know,  Andy takes us through the basics of streaming and for part two: Lessons Learnt During Lockdown, he considers and updates us with key lessons learnt.

As the streaming of services looks like to continue for the long term, it may be worth considering how to make streaming a more permanent part of your church.  

A year ago words like Zoom and virtual meetings were barely mentioned and now they have become part of everyday vocabulary.  As we have all become accustomed to the technology, we can also see the wider benefits that streaming systems give – services can become available to those unable to leave their home, due to disability or caring commitments; you can reach a far wider audience than those who are geographically close to your church; weddings and funerals can be watched by guests who otherwise wouldn’t be present; it gives opportunities to grow you church in ways previously not feasible.

So, do watch Andy’s seminars and take a look at our article about the installation of a web streaming system at St Andrews Church .  If you would like to discuss a streaming solution for your church, give APi a call on 01392 677668 or drop us an email at info@apicommunications.co.uk .