Many churches today are torn between wanting to keep their building open as a place of witness, contemplation and historic interest, but keenly aware of the vulnerability of an open door policy without having the man power to provide a physical guardian at all times.

So a reasonable response to this is to install some sort of security system to be eyes and ears. Traditional security and CCTV companies are not best placed to provide this service within the historic fabric of church buildings, we have probably all witnessed inappropriate electrical installations in church where cable containment more suited to industrial sites sticks out against the stonework.

As church sound and projection specialists,  APi Sound and Visual have developed the skills necessary for discrete installations and have been involved in camera systems in the commercial and health care markets for many years. We have access to the major CCTV market place brands and can offer systems with the ability to inform you remotely of movement and also allow remote viewing of the installed cameras from your smart phone, tablet or PC.

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