Induction Loops

APi Sound and Visual are expert installers of induction loop systems, enabling the hard of hearing to listen directly to the sound system, without background noise.

We will advise and create the most efficient installation for your congregation, whist still considering the overall impact on the building. We are able to supply the equipment as part of a full package or you may wish to add a loop to an existing system to comply with equality legislation.

There are several options to achieve this:

Permanent Induction Loop
For use where an entire listening space requires reinforcement, or where a full programme of audio (i.e. microphones, DVD Player and computer) needs to be reproduced for the listener. This is achieved by encircling the congregation with a thin cable usually at floor level, which effectively broadcasts the sound. Users of a hearing aid with a “T” function are able to switch their aid to reproduce the sound signal clearly and without noise interference. A disadvantage of this system is that the magnetic field may be audible in adjacent rooms and so it is not suitable where privacy is important.
Infra-Red Audio Transmission
This requires the wearing of a headset to receive optical sound signals, broadcast from the sound system, but does have the advantage of being very unobtrusive as the requirement is for a small box positioned at the front of the congregation. This unit reproduces sound as light in the infrared spectrum which is received by the headset. Whilst this system is very discreet, as it can only be heard by the listener using a custom headset, the light distribution is line of sight and is not considered to be suitable for churches with pillars or other obstructions.

If you require advice on your specific situation then please call us, we are pleased to help.


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