Once an installation has taken place, it is vital that users are confident in using the equipment, so that the benefits of the system are delivered. Thisusually happens at the end of a smaller installation and is conducted by our engineers in a straightforward and easy to understand way.

For larger projects, we normally run 2 training sessions, with plenty of time for hands-on practice and questions. The 2nd session is frequently run as a followup session a few weeks after installation, when you have had the chance to use the system and may well have further questions.

APi Sound & Visual understand that you are not just buying a stack of equipment and some cables. We ensure you are confident with the basics – like how to switch it on – but we will also take care to explain the finer points of operation in non technical language and make sure you have understood before we leave.

We also provide the benefit of ongoing telephone support, usually talking to the actual engineers who undertook your installation. They will be able to guide you through any issues using the photographic records that we keep of all our installations.

APi Sound & Visual also offer refresher training sessions, especially useful when personnel change and knowledge can be lost. These can be arranged in your church and are usually day time. Our charges for these are reasonable and reflect travel costs, session time and occasionally preparation time.

We mostly train clients who have one of our systems, but not exclusively. If you have a system and would like some training, then please give us a call.

Contact us today on 01392 677668 or get in touch online for a no-obligation quote on your audio visual requirements.