Yamaha Offers Churches Simple Digital Mixing

Getting the user experience right has always been a major challenge in churches as most sound systems are operated by a volunteer from the congregation, rather than an audio professional. So matching the control surface (mixer) with the skills and knowledge of the operator is key to the success of the system.

Whilst some are keen to get stuck in and learn the ropes, most would like an intuitive approachable method of operation. With many churches now having music groups, it is more difficult than ever to get the balance right (no pun intended), between user control and simplicity. With the Yamaha MTX range and an iPad app customised by us, we can produce a user interface especially for your situation, and even include simple and expert modes with password access if required.

The image above shows a screen shot as an example of a simple layout for one of our clients. A further benefit of this approach is that with iPad control you have a fully wireless system so you can sit where you like!

yamaha processor mtx3 front

APi Sound & Visual is an accredited Yamaha Commercial Audio Partner.

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